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Happy Holidays- gift baskets

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Baptism Favors

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Dia de Los Muertos Cake

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Gourmet Strawberries

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Butterfly Christening

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Strawberry Bouquets

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Sweetness Bakery now offers gourmet chocolate covered strawberries. Chocolate covered strawberries dipped in crushed chocolate cookies or toasted coconut. YUM!















Available in multiple sizes: Right bouquet includes 4 pounds of strawberries (about 6 dozen) Left bouqet includes 1 pound of strawberries (8 gourmet strawberries, and 12 chocolate covered)

Assorted Easter Treats

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Cupcakes can get dressed up for easter.  Madagascar Vanilla cake dipped in chocolate and topped with buttercream.








These edible Fabrege eggs are  fun, delectable treats. These were made by one of my students- I think she may be my favorite! She did an amazing job.